America’s Greatest Golfers – Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

Professional Wins 48 [4 Majors]
Phil was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in May 2012, unusually he is right handed but plays golf with his left, not surprisingly earning him the nickname ‘Lefty’. Born in San Diego he was coached by his father from an early age, a practice area created in the families back yard helped the young golfer perfect his short game. Phil won a scholarship to Arizona State University from where he graduated in 1992, in 1991 as an amateur aged 20, he won his first PGA Tour event, the Northern Telecom Open, becoming only the 6th player in PGA history to do so. After graduating he turned pro and enjoyed much success on the PGA tour, he is recognised for his powerful but sometimes inaccurate swing, his incredibly accurate short game often compensates for this.

Between 2004/2006 he had three major wins, claiming victory at the 2004 Masters, 2005 PGA Championship and the 2006 Masters, he has also been a member of the American Ryder Cup team. In 2007 he split from his longtime coach Rick Smith, suffering frustration with his erratic driving he then worked with Butch Harmon, a former coach to Tiger Woods. In 2009 Phil took a break from the tour when unfortunately both his mother Mary and wife Amy were diagnosed with breast cancer, the couple have three children.

Back on the tour by 2010, he won the Masters Tournament with a 16 under par performance, his wife Amy was there to share in the celebrations after what must have been a very testing year for the family. Phil is ranked third in the ‘all time money list’ of tournament prize money won and in 2011 it was estimated he was the second highest paid athlete in America, not too bad for someone who suffer from arthritis!.

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