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Betfair £5 Free Bet

Betfair are offering you a £5 free bet to use on any sports you wish all you…

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Butt Accused In Spot Fixing Case

Prosecutors in the spot fixing court case have accused Salman Butt of “being caught” as the former Pakistan cricket captain finished his three day long stint in the dock.

Butt stands accused alongside fellow former Pakistan international Mohammad Asif of conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to obtain and accept corrupt payments following a sting by a tabloid that allegedly exposed a conspiracy between both men, teenage pace bowler Mohammad Amir and agent Mazhar Majeed to bowl pre-planned no balls. Read more

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Bankroll Management

Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson once famously called No Limit Texas Hold’em the Cadillac of Poker. A Cadillac is no good to you without some fuel. Without fuel, it will just sit there looking pretty and gathering dust. In poker you also need fuel or you too will end up sitting pretty, watching the games and gathering dust. In poker, fuel is money and without it you cannot function. So if you value your time at the tables you had better look after your money. Read more

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PokerStars Launches Home Games

The online poker industry is one that is highly competitive, one where each and every online poker room has to come up with new and exciting idea in order to not only attract new players to their poker site, but to also retain the customers they already have. Read more

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Three-Betting In Pot Limit Omaha

One of the reasons that Pot Limit Omaha can be one of the most profitable games to play, even at the low stakes, is due to the sheer number of mistakes players of the game make. Many play far too many hands and play them passively whilst others only ever show aggression with a very narrow range of hands, essentially turning their hands face up to observant opponents. Read more

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PCA Main Event Final Table Set

Twenty-two players returned to the Atlantis Casino and Resort on the luxurious Atlantis Paradise Island yesterday, each sharing one common goal, to survive one more day of poker and reach the 2011 PCA Main Event final table. Read more

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SNG and MTT Bankroll and Cashout Strategy

One of the most talked about subjects of online poker players is that of bankroll management, after all it is the biggest reason, apart from the player having a lack of skill, for a player to go broke. Without proper bankroll management even the best players are putting themselves at risk of going broke. Read more

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